The Great Raven

by SMB

The Raven

Once upon a weekday dreary
I read with eyes week and weary
At end of season can my heart endure
Will he play next season quoth the raven, “NEVERMORE”

Last chance to see him play at home
To rival the Colts from which the city they roam.
The arena will be hyped and filled with cheer
Capping great memories throughout the years.
For last time he will darken home lockers door
The Raven will play at home, “NEVERMORE”

I look back and remember all those games
His heart hath played with a fevered flame
Soon Canton will soon open it’s doors
The career of Ray Lewis will live on FOREVERMORE.

Respectfully adapted from
Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” by
Sid Bolden Raven’s Fan