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Month: December, 2014


I am ready for them to be over.


Breakfast with Santa



It was a fun time at Breakfast with Santa at the New Baltimore Fire Station today. Thanks to PHI.


I have had a good weekend. What about you and you and yes YOU? lol

Everyone be safe and make sound decisions.

Thanks from


So its Thursday and I’m watching some American football. Chicago’s Soldier Field looks pretty cold tonight. Stay warm.

My Friday

Okay everyone it’s my Friday. I look forward to this weekend. It should be pretty good. May peace be with you all.


Red Swingline


Oh Red Slimline Stapler I have you now and forever. Thanks to the local big box store for having this front and center.

This will be a great addition to my “Office Space.”

If You Don’t Like the Weather

Its really sad to say that if you don’t like the weather here in Virginia, just wait a day. The cold and allergy season for the winter has already kicked in for most of us.

It was in the thirties on Saturday, Sunday and Monday were nice with folks wearing shorts on Monday. Today in the thirties again and it has rained all day.

I love the weather…