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Will you be my Valentine?


Peanut Butter

There you are hungry as hungry can be. But think about it, peanut butter and jelly is a quick cure. Yes peanut butter and jelly can be a cure. Oh and a nice glass of 2% milk.

Enough said.

Tonight’s Dinner


Thank you Wegman’s. Chicken breast covered with mushrooms slices, jalapeƱo slices, bacon and provolone cheese. The chicken was served with spinach.

NY Slice


Now this is a slice of pizza!!!


There is a new look to the Wawa milk cartons. Here is a look at the old (left) and the new.

Big King, No Mac

If imitation is the best form of flattery, Burger King’s new sandwich the Big King is a nice try.

But to me the Big Mac reigns supreme. The King didn’t seem to stack up in size. The patties had then signature Burger King flame broiled flavor.

My take I love the original butnif you want the flame broiked flavor go with the Big King.

Grilled Stuffed Nacho


I being an eater of fast food tried the Grilled Stuff Nacho from Taco Bell. I liked it. It wasn’t fantastic but good. Its a great item as an add-on to a meal I eve. Think it would be a good portion size for a child.

All and all it’s good to Live Mas.


Don’t forget to start your day with a good breakfast. You don’t want to start your days starting leading you to eating junk all day.