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If You Don’t Like the Weather

Its really sad to say that if you don’t like the weather here in Virginia, just wait a day. The cold and allergy season for the winter has already kicked in for most of us.

It was in the thirties on Saturday, Sunday and Monday were nice with folks wearing shorts on Monday. Today in the thirties again and it has rained all day.

I love the weather…


Cold Last Night

Went to the auto show and the studio in DC last night. It was too cold for my light jacket and ibwas sweating in my big coat. 1st world problems.

Cold and Chilly

By no means was this a blizzard. This was a good old fashion mixture of ice and snow. We haven’t had this much in recent years.  It’s good to know old man winter is alive and well. 

Most of the roads have been treated and have started to thaw. The concern is the refreeze during the overnight.

I am having a late lunch now. Going to  hit the grocery store and perhaps Gamestop.

Everyone have a great day.