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Bye Bye

2018 is leaving us soon. Thanks for the memories. Just beat it 2018.


Back to school

What the hell have I done with the last 27 years of my life to make me want to go back to school. It is easy to say. I want to make a positive change for myself. It feels a little crazy to go back but the time is right. I am constantly surrounded by a younger generation that has inspired me to go back and get what is mine.

I have to prep for a Math Placement Test. The counselor was like APPLIED CALCULUS!! I was on a path for advanced math back in the day. It was something I was not able to manage with so many other things going on in my life. I am sure that I can do better as i am more focused and goal oriented now.




Kentucky Chitlin’ Circuit

I love to hear about history of music. This is no exception. I would love to visit and meet with some of the folks an share the experiences.


Same Lighting (almost) with Different Result

Source: Same Lighting (almost) with Different Result



Will you be my Valentine?


I am ready for them to be over.

Breakfast with Santa



It was a fun time at Breakfast with Santa at the New Baltimore Fire Station today. Thanks to PHI.


I have had a good weekend. What about you and you and yes YOU? lol

Everyone be safe and make sound decisions.

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So its Thursday and I’m watching some American football. Chicago’s Soldier Field looks pretty cold tonight. Stay warm.